*​Availability of wines are seasonal and are subject to change.

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Red  Wines

  • Cabernet Franc - A dry, medium bodied red with spicy aromas, peppery accents and a mixture of berry flavors. Out of Stock
  • Chambourcin - Native to our area, this grape produces a medium body with berry aromas and toasty oak undertones.  Limited Supply
  • Crescent Red - This semi-dry and easy drinking red wine is a blend of Chambourcin and bing cherries Pairs with pizza and burgers!  Out of Stock
  • Concord - A semi sweet, rubie red in color, very grapey in taste and smell with a light, crisp finish. Best served chilled.

White & Rosé Wines

  • Seyval - A French hybrid that is semi dry and crisp with flavor hints and aromas of citrus fruits and pineapple. This wine makes a great Sangria!
  • Traminette - A hybrid of the Gewürztraminer grape, this fragrant wine not only has spice, but honey and apricot notes. Pairs well with Mexican foods.
  • Catawba - A semi sweet that is light in color with a fresh floral, grapey nose, makes a great sipping wine. Add club soda and ice for a great wine spritzer.
  • Vidal Blanc - A crisp wine that is made sweet to balance the acidity with flavors of melon, pears and orange blossoms.
  • Riesling - A dry white grape variety which originated in the Rhine, Germany region, has a flowery aroma and a high acidity. ​

Seasonal & Fruit Wines

  • Black Raspberry - Made with sweet and tart ripe raspberries. Best served chilled or try over ice cream.
  • Blackberry - 100% blackberry wine, great with desserts or chocolate!
  • Maxx's Black Raspberry - Our sweet raspberry wine fortified with brandy for an extra smooth boldness and higher ABV. 
  • Red  Raspberry - Intense raspberry flavor from start to finish, it has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Limited Supply
  • Strawberry - A delicious and light summer wine that has been made with hand picked, locally grown strawberries.
  • Life's a Peach - A refreshing summer wine that is made from 4 different varieties of peaches. This wine makes a great wine slushie! 
  • Spiced Apple - Made with a variety of apples and spices, this can be served cold or warmed with a cinnamon stick.
  • Rubie - A sweet blend of Seyval grapes with red and black raspberries, makes a lovely after dinner drink.
  • Goodnight Kisses - This sweet dessert wine is our Chambourcin red wine blended with natural chocolate flavors. 
  • Razzling - The perfect pairing of Riesling and raspberries, this semi sweet has a decadent character that is easy to drink.